The ITRI Anti-Corrosion
Solar Mount Coating

The ITRI Anti-Corrosion Solar Mount Coating

Near coastal area usually has a harsh corrosion situation. Due to high chloride and sulfite deposits, the lifespan of coastal metal structures is usually only 3-5 years. Solar energy is a crucial green power developsment policy around the world. The main installation areas in Taiwan include unfavorable coastal arable land, agricultural/fishing land, factory roofs in industrial areas, etc. The metal support materials should have 20-year durability in line with solar power generation. In addition, in the cases of fishery and electricity symbiosis or agro-photovoltaics, the release of toxic substances from the materials should be considered to avoid harm to the environment and citizens’ health during the green transformation process.

Mapping atmospheric corrosion in coastal regions: methods and results Karolina Slamova, Journal of Photonics for Energy · June 2012

IEC 60068-2-52 M6 2160H
Weather-Proof Test

IEC 60068-2-52 M6 2160H Test

The coating is SGS-tested and found not to have the BPA environmental hormone and has passed the test for the ten RoHS-concerned hazardous substances. It is demonstrated that the coating system does not contain toxic heavy metals and specific organic ingredients. It can be used for the farming and fishery integrated solar power generation system with peace of mind to quell doubts that the release of coating substances can cause damage to the environment and human health.

Single track painting has three functions, i.e., high adhesion, high anti-corrosion and high weather resistanceThis critical coating is applied to galvanized steel support structures and reaches ASTM D3359 5B adhesion rating before and after a 4200-hour accelerated corrosion test of IEC 60068 without signs of rusting and corrosion; after the 1500-hour ASTM G154 UV ageing test, the gloss remains more than 80%, which demonstrates that it is suitable for prolonged use in the costal environment.

ITRI Rust Reconverter &
Anti-Corrosion Coating
Versus Commercial Products

Rust Reconverter (RT) +
Anti-Corrosion Coating +
Base-Coat National
(% of Rusting)
More than 2% Rusting
0% Rusting
Less than 1% Rusting
Less than 1 % Rusting
0 % Rusting
Mechanism Rust-transfer Rust-transfer Zn Phosphate Al
Blistering 2(S4) 0win 1(S2) 2(S4) 0win <2(S4)
Rusting Ri2 Ri0win Ri1 Ri1 Ri0win <Ri3
Cracking 0 0 0 0 0 0
Flaking 1(S3) 0win 0 0 0 0

International Advantages Of
The Anti-Corrosion Coating

Technical Performance Advantages

Our non-toxic and high-durability-corrosion solar support technology, based on BPA-free and RoHS certification, has world-leading excellent anti-corrosion performance while taking into account the UV light resistance of the coating. Moreover, compared with the traditional paint coating process, it has a simpler process, and only one coat of paint can achieve high-durability protection.

Natural Harsh Field Resources

Taiwan has a highly severe natural corrosive environment. This technology product has established many application results in high corrosive areas and obtained long-term use analysis data as early as possible.

Complete Industrial Chain

Taiwan has a complete supply chain of anti-corrosion solar panel supports, including paint, steel, stent, and coating factories, and has the advantage of long-term foreign trade channels. We can satisfy the demands for anti-corrosion steel structures is under the rapid growth of global green energy.

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